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Better Credit Now is here as tool for you to use. You may attempt to repair your credit on your own but that is a time consuming and often unsuccessful process. The credit bureaus do not want you to fix your credit. They make money every time you get turned down at a lender and have to try a new one. Simple credit checks at dealerships make the bureaus money while injuring your credit score. This forces you to have your credit pulled even more often forcing you to remain trapped within their cycle. We are here to help you escape their hold and take hold of your own life and finances again.

Better Credit Now has been servicing those in need for over 12 years. Here, it isn't just making a sell. We open a door to a worry free financial life where our clients have the room to grow and prosper with a little help from creditors instead of having to rely on only cash. Everyone needs someone to have their backs when hard times fall. In many cases that someone is a lender. At Better Credit Now, we just aim to make sure that when those moments arise in life our past clients can feel confident that everything will be okay.

“Better Credit Now not only repaired my credit but they fixed me. In less than 6 months my credit score went from the low 530 to over 700 my personal bank verified it. They walked me through the program and periodically call me to make sure everything went smoothly. I have told my family members, friends, and even my co-workers about the wonderful job they did for me for just under $300."

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